Electrical dock wiring should not be an after-thought. Without, you’re missing out.

Transform your dock into an entertainment area

A party by your private waterfront property is unthinkable without suitable lighting. And if you can turn on entertainment systems, even better! Running outdoor electrical wiring to the dock allows you and your guests to fully enjoy the water, and cool off during hot Florida summers.

A gathering place for family

Nothing like spending quality time by the lake. If you’re among the few lucky ones with private water access, our Tampa Bay boat dock electrical wiring is exactly what you need. Hang out with loved ones in a well-lit, pleasant and safe environment. Make your boat dock a true extension of your home!

Utilize your boat dock 24/7

You have the opportunity to make the most of every livable space on your property, including your pool deck and boat dock. A one-time investment in dock lighting is a simple way to use your outdoor space in multiple ways, while enhancing the overall safety, look and appeal of your property.

Deter burglars and vandals

Inadequately lit properties attract unwanted attention from entities who are up to no good. Bringing electricity onto a dock can address this challenge. Appropriate lighting and motion light sensors scare off anyone attempting illegal access to your property.

Boat lifts need proper lighting to store boat securely out of water. This is true for waterfront homes and businesses. Boat dock electrical wiring in Tampa is essential to ensuring the reliable and safe use of boat lifts and equipment.

Follow best practices of Tampa Bay Boat Dock Electrical Wiring

When you hire us for electrical dock wiring, you’re assured installations that follow guidelines established by the National Electric Code (NEC). We exercise the highest levels of safety and workmanship, from using the proper gauge wire and adherence to fire safety regulations to performing appropriate grounding and electrical bonding.

Our installation technicians are friendly, courteous and clean up the work site before departing. For more information on functional/practical or decorative lighting for boat dock electrical wiring in Tampa, drop us a line today.

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