Whether you’re a homeowner or planning to buy a house, one of the services that you will find yourself needing is an electrical inspection. There are many reasons why scheduled electrical maintenance is recommended.

Fire safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical failures or malfunction fires account for the greatest share of direct property damage. Unfortunately, they are also a contributing factor for civilian deaths. Homeowners that perform electrical inspections in Tampa can improve their property’s overall fire safety. Electrical testing fixes shorts and faulty wiring promptly, preventing issues from escalating and posing a hazard to life and property.

Optimize the efficiency of electrical systems

Our Tampa Bay electrical inspections are also requested by homeowners and buyers who want to ensure that their electrical systems are operating efficiently. Electrical testing can discover and resolve issues preventing the efficient functioning of appliances, replace old wiring and perform general maintenance that keeps systems working smoothly. It is also possible that problems with your electrical systems are driving up your electricity bill. Have your electrical systems inspected by our technicians today.

Meet pertinent electrical codes and standards through Electrical Inspections in Tampa

If you have moved into an old property or you’re building a home from the ground-up, you will definitely want to ensure that your house meets the established standards and codes related to electrical wiring and installations. Our electrical inspections in Tampa can identify if electrical safety precautions and other requirements have been met.

We use thermal cameras to discover issues accurately

Before electricians can diagnose issues, they need to identify where the problems lie. We use thermal imaging cameras to inspect electrical systems and components of all sizes, shapes and voltage applications. Our professionally trained thermographers use quality thermal cameras that provide clear imagery to pinpoint problems accurately and quickly. After this analysis, you can problem-solve without delay and address problems that can potentially escalate in the near future.

Invest in your safety with Electrical Inspections in Tampa from Consolidated Electric

Electrical inspections in Tampa are a part of overall property maintenance. They are as important as scheduled air conditioning and/or heater repair and maintenance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electrical systems are in good shape and fixable issues don’t lead to costly damage or tragic events.

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