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Commercial Electrical Services

An experienced and highly-skilled electrician is an absolute must for every business. You can trust our knowledgeable commercial electricians to work on your project regardless of how difficult it is. Our electrical work will be performed in a manner that has a direct impact on the look of your location as well as its functionality. When you hire Consolidated Electric for your next electrical project, you will find that hiring us really does make a + positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Why We are Better Than the Most

When you do business with Consolidated Electric you enjoy a number of benefits:

  • We get the job done right on the first try, avoiding delays and safety hazards.
  • Our team stays up to date regarding the industry’s advances as well as the nuanced electrical needs of individual businesses. We work on every type of commercial site from restaurants to retail, industrial facilities, institutions of all varieties, so we are also experts on State and County Codes.
  • Consolidated Electric regularly updates tools and technology to improve the efficiency and safety of each job.
  • We procure all the necessary permits, approvals and inspections as required by your specific jurisdiction and industry.
  • While many competitors fail to provide detailed quotes and project explanations, we go out of our way to tell you exactly how the job will be done and how much it will cost. This way, you don’t have to worry about extra expenses.

Diagnosis and Repair

We service all types of electronic equipment for every type of business. You can lean on us around the clock to handle all of your electrical challenges.

Installations and Upgrades

Consolidated Electric will perform a thorough and safe installation of new electrical equipment. Our installation/upgrade services include the following:

Electrical Upgrades

Whether your business requires a basic outlet installation, a panel upgrade, or a full renovation, our team will get the job done in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Electrical Safety and Security

We understand that your clients and employees are the lifeblood of your business. Consolidated Electric goes to great lengths to address all safety and security needs with the use of motion detectors, backup generators and the right equipment for the job.

Specialty Lighting

Lean on Consolidated Electric to recommend and install the custom lighting that works best for you. We can add ambiance, reduce your utility bills and even boost convenience.

Energy Savings & Audits

We understand that rising energy costs can eat into your profits. Rely on Consolidated Electric and you will learn all sorts of new ways to save on power usage. Reach out to us to schedule a complimentary energy audit today.

Electrical System Maintenance

Electrical codes are updated regularly. If your electrical system is not in compliance, don’t worry! Consolidated Electric knows all the details about the current electrical codes. You can trust our team to keep your business up to date.

Contact us today to learn more about how our skilled electricians can solve your commercial electrical needs (727) 234-5557.

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