Generators & Backup Generators

Florida’s climate is prone to many powerful storms that can cause power outages. During these incidents, the use of a backup generator is critical for many residents throughout the Tampa Bay area. Consolidated Electric offers a diverse range of electrical services. We can help you install generators and connect them to home breaker panels. A backup generator provides essential electricity during devastating storms and plays a vital role in helping residents recover from these situations. If you have yet to install a backup generator, here are a few reasons you should consider working with Consolidated Electric.

Professional Installation

When you work with Consolidated Electric, you will receive professional installation services that ensure everything is installed correctly. Instead of trying to install a generator on your own, the use of professional electrical services will give you peace of mind. You’ll know your generator will be prepared to work in an emergency situation.

Install Existing Generators

Consolidated Electric can install existing home generators and ensure that everything is in working order. Many homeowners already have an existing generator power source but are unsure if it is connected properly. Consolidated Electric has extensive experience testing generators to ensure that they are working without any issues. However, if any problems appear, we will investigate the issue and make the necessary repairs to ensure that you are satisfied.

Consolidated Electric is one of the leading electrical services companies in the Tampa Bay area. We have over eight years of experience in the electrical industry. We service a wide range of clients, whether you are a business owner or live in the surrounding Tampa Bay communities. We understand the importance of using backup generators during the storm season. It’s our mission to ensure that all of your generators are working efficiently and are safely connected. If you wish to learn additional information regarding our electrical services, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We will provide a free consultation!

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